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How It Works

  1. Shippers Post Full, Partial and LTL Loads that they need Freight Quotes or Bids on to ComFreight.
  2. Carriers and Brokers who have Load Alerts turned on get alerted via email with details of the new shipper load that has been posted so they can bid.
  3. Bid and Quote alerts are sent via email to Shippers who can view the bidder's info and then accept and send a rate confirmation or call the bidder back directly.
Brokers can also post loads and receive phone calls or quick bids from Carriers who are matching trucks to loads or searching the thousands of daily broker loads.
Carriers can call or quick bid on thousands of additional daily broker loads. Replace or supplement your load board and find new shippers from any device.


Q. If I am a carrier or broker using the web app can I only bid on loads or can I call on loads directly?
A. Shipper loads posted by direct shippers require a bid submitted via the ComFreight web app when viewing a shipper load. Broker loads, however, can be called on directly, bid on via the web app and messaged using the question and answer fields on the load details page for any load you find.
Q. Is ComFreight a Freight Broker?
A. ComFreight is a true freight marketplace and logistics exchange and is NOT a broker or broker app. ComFreight facilitates matching, bidding, dispatching and invoicing of loads between Shippers, Carriers and Brokers.ComFreight is not to be listed as the bill to on any bill of lading for any loads found on or off of the platform.
Q. Is the any cost to using ComFreight?
A. ComFreight is free to direct shippers to post loads, get bids and dispatch loads. Shippers must pay their freight invoice after a load is confirmed delivered which is standard for any freight shipment. Carriers and Brokers get limited access to search loads, post loads, post trucks and match freight for free! Unlimited access to bid on direct shipper loads and analytics tools requires the payment of a small subscription that can be activated by users while logged in from the billing section under settings.
Q. How do I cancel or deactivate a full access ComFreight Carrier or Broker account?
A. To cancel or deactivate your full access account simply navigate to the Billing section under Settings and click on the Deactivate button to close your account.
Q. How do I know if a Shipper, Carrier or Broker is safe to do business with on ComFreight?
A. We provide FMCSA data from the DOT for Carriers and Brokers as well as basic credit info on most of our load posters and shippers to help you make the most informed decision on execution of any bid or dispatch between other parties. We also have a community rating system for users which can be checked by viewing the user's profile and can be accessed via the 'view profile' link on any load or truck post you find on the platform. We also offer advances and invoice payment on select loads.
Q. How many users can I have for my company on ComFreight?
A. Each account on ComFreight is tied to a specific email address. You can create as many separate accounts as you need for unique emails you have on your team. If you have a need for more than 5 unique email logins (accounts) then please contact us and we will be able to provide you with enterprise level plans that may fit you better.
Q. Do you help ensure that I will get paid for services I provide to haul a load for a load poster?
A. We provide basic information on loads to tell you if a load poster (company) is approved for payment advances, and whether or not the load poster has satisfactory or approved credit. We offer the option to factor invoices on loads you find on the platform as well.

How It Works (Haul Pay)

Carriers and Owner-Operators Get Advances


Request Payment Advances 24/7

  1. Carriers navigate to the Haul Pay factoring tool inside of ComFreight while logged in.
  2. Carriers enter the bill to company and upload their signed bill of lading and rate confirmation to submit a payment request digitally.
  3. Carriers can also tap on any of the "Approved for Haul Pay" emblems on loads they find on the load board to start a digital payment request.
  4. Payment requests are processed digitally and approved within 1 hour of their submission. Payment advances are deposited the next business day!

ComFreight's Haul Pay factoring program starts with 3.5% non-recourse rates with absolutely no hidden fees of any kind.